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Since 1810, Peugeot power tools is the French brand for innovative and quality tools. First manufacturer of hand tools, Peugeot has become year after year, innovation after innovation, a French branded reference in power tools. Saws, planers, sanders, stationary or portable drills, Peugeot tools are intended for end consumer market and experienced users.

Since 2012, Peugeot power tools are developed by PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE, a French company based near to Tours, with a constant idea : one the one hand, combining quality and performance with good ergonomics, and on the other hand safety use.

Peugeot Power tools offer every user additional safety. They are all supplied with a safety kit. It includes an individual protective equipment : safety glasses against fragments, plugs against noise, a mask against dust. Beyond this security kit, some machines push the interest of safety beyond the requirements of the standards : a bench sander and a planer -thicknesser equipped with an autonomous system with dust collection, two miter saws with all orders in front, three drill presses with a capstan right and left-handed, a table saw with a non-return mechanism. All those security elements are present standard on these machines.
Welcome to a DIY environment, efficient and safe work.


The Peugeot Tools team 

Product search and consumables

Product search and consumables

You are looking for a piece to repair a DIY tool or a Peugeot tool. Discover our range of spare parts.

Workshop equipment,<br />Wood universe

Workshop equipment,
Wood universe

Find our range of Peugeot stationary woodworking machines

Workshop equipment,<br />Metal universe

Workshop equipment,
Metal universe

Find our range of Peugeot stationary metalworking machine



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